Simon Appleford

Historian and Digital Humanist

The Natural Face of North America

The Maximilian–Bodmer Expedition

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The Natural Face of North America began in 2014 as a collaboration between the Joslyn Museum of Art and Creighton University’s College of Arts and Sciences. The Joslyn is nationally renowned for its rich collection of Western Art. The centerpieces of which are Maximilian von Wied’s North American journals and the the complete collection of Karl Bodmer watercolors, which documented his journey. Scholars of western history and ethnography have long recognized the value of this unique collection, much of which is on permanent display in the museum. The Joslyn Museum partnered with Creighton University’s Digital Humanities Initiative to create a digital portal to explore this valuable archive. In partnership with the Joslyn and under direction of the College of Arts of Sciences, a team of four undergraduate students and six faculty worked to digitize, markup, and map the Joslyn’s documentation of the Maximilian and Bodmer journey, presented here as a pilot, proof of concept, for a more exhaustive portal into this collection.